Reverse Diabetes Naturally: Strategies for Overcoming the Disease

20 Jun 2024

When you may have first discovered that you have diabetes, several questions must have popped up in your head. The major one being: “Is this how my life will always be?”

We’re here to break the news to you; it won’t. Diabetes can be reversed if you use the right strategies and follow a set of correct steps. That way, your diabetes can be reversed without any medication. 

Use these strategies to reverse diabetes naturally:

Change your diet

Add healthier choices to your diet. If your eating habits include consuming processed food or other high-carb foods, your condition may be at risk. Making healthy food choices keeps your sugar levels in check and helps play an important role in reversing diabetes over time. 

Add low-fat and low-calorie foods to your diet like:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grains and legumes 
  • Healthy fats, like fish

Another thing to keep in check is which foods create a spike in your blood sugar. Identify these food items and replace them with foods with a low glycemic index (GI). Also, be mindful of the portions you consume. Avoid overeating and consume everything in the right proportion. 

Despite having a healthy diet, it’s important to read between the lines. You need to be aware of the types of carbs that are good and bad for your body. What we require in the diet is complex carbs because they are unprocessed. They can be vegetables, grains, beans etc.

These foods are not only rich in fiber but they’re gradually broken down by your body and thus, slowly absorbed into your blood, which means… less sugar spikes!

Simple carbs and refined carbs on the other hand are absorbed faster and cause rapid spikes in your glucose. These can be candy, honey, juices, pizza, pastries, bread etc.

Get better sleep

When you don’t sleep well, your insulin sensitivitydisrupted. A diabetes patient must aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity, managing weight and regulating some hormones. Sometimes, poor sleep can also trigger unhealthy food cravings. 

If developing a healthy sleep schedule seems difficult, you can try maintaining a nighttime routine that tells your body it’s time to wind up. Take up reading or meditating. Limit screen exposure before sleeping. And in case of any sleep disorders, talk to your healthcare provider.

Exercise more

Exercising during diabetes not only helps reduce weight but works wonders when coupled with a healthy food or diet plan. If you have an unhealthy diet, it may increase your sugar levels and negate the effort you put into exercising. 

Try forming an exercise routine for yourself by taking the help of your healthcare provider. 

  • Go on daily walks, try brisk walking
  • Exercise at least once every 48 hours and keep track of your progress
  • Keep a snack handy in case your sugar level drops
  • Try aiming for at least 150 minutes of exercise every week

Alternatively, you can also try biking, jogging, swimming or any other sports. Exercising helps with your physical, mental and emotional well-being as well. Depending on how active you stay, your goal to reverse diabetes can get closer.

Stay hydrated

Although it may sound insignificant, drinking plenty of water helps a great deal to reverse diabetes. It helps maintain your sugar levels and is a healthier alternative to sodas and other beverages. 

On the other hand, dehydration can spike your sugar levels and harm your overall progress in general. Drink up, don’t be shy!


Smoking is never good for anything. Of course, it increases your risk of heart disease and lung cancer but it also puts you at risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. When you stop smoking, your insulin sensitivity improves and your risk of developing cardiovascular complications minimises.

  • Identify the triggers that make you want to smoke and try coping with them through strategies
  • Seek doctor support or join smoking cessation programs to quit
  • Nicotine replacement therapy can also help

Be easy on yourself though. It’s not a matter few days to quit a habit like smoking. Know that you will get there gradually. It might probably take a few attempts but you’re closer to the goal each time!

Don’t stress

All that stress and for what? Increased sugar levels? 

Stressing is normal, but keep in mind that too much of it can have a direct impact on your body. Your stress hormone, cortisol, can trigger an increase in appetite, leading to overeating and weight gain.

This can also complicate the management of your diabetes. 

Try techniques that help you calm yourself down like yoga, meditation etc. It’s only when you have a calm mind that you will be able to realise your goal to reverse diabetes properly.

The road to reversing diabetes naturally may look like a long one, but it’s worth it. Stay patient, trust in yourself and keep striving for better.

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