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Streamline your Administration Effortlessly

  • Scheduling billing, referrals, tele-med and more

  • Automated patient reminders and follow ups

  • OPD, IPD, pharmacy and queue management

  • Seamless integration with ABDM for e-prescriptions and e-records.

Drive Your Business Administration

  • Practice promotions and Marketing

  • Event Participation as delegate

  • Branding Solutions for videos and posters

  • Networking and partnership

Insights that matter to boost your practice

  • Patient history and adherence data

  • Dashboards for easy analysis of your practice

  • Premium access of PubMed journals

  • Specialty specific calculators

Connect with your patients directly through MyTatva

  • Patient history and adherence data

  • Easily track your patient's growth

  • Schedule appointments directly with patients

  • One stop solution for all your patients

Health Concierge Program

Grow your practice. Multiply your earnings!

  • Increase patient compliance
  • Convenience for Hospital with timley pick up
  • Accurate and timely reports
  • Lucrative commission model

Increased Patient Compliance

We provide convenience and cost advantages to your patients, thereby increasing your compliance rate.

Accurate Reports

Our Diagnostic partners are NABL accredited hence we provide trustworthy reports.

Timely Collection

We ensure same-day sample collection and dispatch reports within 24 hours of sample collection.

Digitized Records

Test reports are visible in your patient’s history on TatvaPractice, making it easy for you to access the test history of the patient.

Earning Potential

On every successful referral, you earn a commission for every successful diagnostic test fulfilled by TatvaCare.

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Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is an important step toward leveraging digital technology to improve healthcare in India, making it more inclusive and efficient. ABDM plays a crucial role in developing the digital backbone of India's healthcare infrastructure. This includes implementing digital health records, telemedicine, and health information exchange systems to streamline healthcare data and services.

Create a new consultation by filling the patients mobile number on TatvaPractice
  • If the patient is a recurring patient then you can click on create ABHA ID option
  • Fill in the patient’s aadhar card number
  • The patient will get an OTP for verification, fill in that OTP
  • The patient’s ABHA ID is created now
  • Your patient will get a confirmation message with their ABHA ID
If it is a new patient and does not have an ABHA ID
  • You will get a prompt to create an ABHA ID of the patient
  • Fill in the patient’s aadhar card number
  • The patient will get an OTP for verification, fill in that OTP
  • The patient’s ABHA ID is created now
  • Your patient will get a confirmation message with their ABHA ID

Digital Health Incentive Scheme

The National Health Authority (NHA) is implementing Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) to create a digital health ecosystem for the country. ABDM intends to support different healthcare facilities like clinics, diagnostic centres, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in adopting the ABDM ecosystem to make available the benefits of digital health for all the citizens of India. The Digital Health Incentive Scheme is a pioneering approach aimed at incentivizing individuals to adopt digital health tools and platforms for managing their health and wellness. At its core, the scheme encourages proactive engagement with technology-driven solutions, such as mobile health apps, wearable devices, telemedicine services, and health monitoring systems.

Steps to claim your incentive: -
  • Register Yourself on Health Facility Register
  • Start using our ABDM enabled software
  • Login to HFR through our platform to register for DHIS
  • Login to HFR profile through our platform to Claim Incentive.
Calculate Your Incentive NOW!!
  • Hospitals / Clinic / Nursing Home (Need to Have Minimum 100 Prescriptions in a month).
  • Number of Prescriptions made from TatvaPractice Platform above 100 are eligible to earn incentives.
  • Rs. 20 per additional prescription above 100 prescriptions will be given as a pay-out.

Enter your number of prescriptions in this month

Incentive earned in INR

Embrace the Future of Writing & Digitise the Rx with ease

Explore the Seamless Integration of Smart Writing Technology for Streamlined prescription creation

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digitising Rx

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digitising Rx
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How does it work ?

Experience the simplicity of prescription writing, as our SmartSync syncs with devices, intelligently storing and retrieving your prescriptions for a frictionless writing journey."

Digital Ink Technology

Our SmartSync utilises advanced digital ink technology, allowing you to write naturally as with a traditional pen.

  • Accurately captures your handwriting on the digital surface

  • Equipped with cutting-edge digital ink technology

  • Providing a natural writing experience

Real-Time Data Capture

Experience instant digitisation as you write. The SmartSync captures your prescription in real-time, ensuring that your thoughts are effortlessly transformed into digital prescription

  • Effortless transformation of thoughts into digital content

  • Instant digitisation of prescription as you write

  • Real-time prescription capture for instant digitisation

Syncing Across Devices

Stay connected effortlessly. The SmartSync wirelessly syncs with your devices, ensuring that your prescriptions are available wherever you need them.

  • Instant accessibility of prescription across multiple devices

  • Effortless syncing ensures prescriptions are always available


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