We aim to deliver the highest possible quality of healthcare.

We facilitate a positive health journey and improve patient’s outcomes, by improving the quality of care on one end and enhancing the quality of life on the other.


End-to-end solutions for both doctor and patient.

Working together with patients for a healthier and longer life

We understand that managing chronic health conditions is overwhelming.

With MyTatva, we ensure that every individual gets the patient-centric, comprehensive and accurate care they deserve.

Giving time, focus and peace of mind back to the doctors.

With TatvaPractice, we improve efficiency and productivity by reducing administrative workload and solving for business promotions and patient-care accuracy.

A doctor’s time and energy are the most valuable asset in improving health outcomes.


Leadership @ TatvaCare

Manoj Balaji


Javed Khan


Siddharth Rajagopal

Head - Product

Abhishek Verma

Head - Business

Russell Mascarenhas

Head - Marketing

Dr. Mihir Gharia

Head - Medical Affairs

Somraj Keshori

Head - Operations

Ankur Solanki

Head - Pillup Business

Akanksha Solanki

Head - Pillup Operations

Nutan Mishra

Head: Human Resources


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Chronic Care Patients

Our Vision

Our aim is to become the benchmark standard in chronic care management.

We want to improve patient’s outcomes, period. Achieving this involves so many aspects of patient care, from interactions with doctors to inputs from DTx devices, from protocol adherence to accurate data management, from coaching to condition awareness.

Doctors are at the core of our solution. For empowering healthcare professionals, we started TatvaPractice, a practice management and EMR platform for independent clinics. TatvaPractice helps doctors streamline their clinics with features like appointment management, digitised prescriptions, and virtual consultation. The platform already has 2,000+ doctors who generate upwards of 1,00,000+ prescriptions per month. TatvaPedia, a knowledge platform for doctors is a part of TatvaPractice. TatvaPedia is a collection of clinical studies and the latest in medical content with a base of over 45,000+ registered doctors. TatvaPractice offers a comprehensive solution that caters to both the knowledge and practice needs of our partner doctors.

MyTatva, a mobile app dedicated to chronic care, is a DTx-based app which aims to improve the quality of life for patients. Our initial chronic care programs focus on liver, diabetes and lung conditions.

Make a Difference!

We are committed to making a long-lasting positive change to the world of Healthcare Management.