Tips for Effective Diabetes Control: Strategies for Managing Blood Sugar Levels

02 Jul 2024

Have you ever heard this – “Tough times never last but tough people do”?

Sayings like these can’t convey their true meaning unless you go through what they’re talking about yourself. Even your condition may look like a tough nut to crack. We’re not saying it’s easy peasy but you can make it so. The better you deal with the toughness of it, the tougher you get and the easier managing your diabetes becomes.

When doing so, some simple blood sugar control tips can help with Diabetes control and we’re here to share the same with you.

Tip 1: Lose those extra pounds

To maintain a healthy weight when going through diabetes is really important. When you have excess weight or are obese, it becomes difficult for your body to maintain blood sugar levels. Discuss with your doctor what should be a healthy weight for you and try to achieve it with thehelp of a balanced diet and exercise. Lose those extra pounds, you don’t need them. Even the slightest of weight loss can reflect greatly on your blood sugar levels. 

Tip 2: Watch what you eat and drink

Your daily meals should be a combination of things. The idea is to consume a good variety of nutrient-dense foods, including fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. Cut down on processed or sugary snacks, they may cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

Additionally, remember to stay hydrated. Always pick water over other beverages. If you like, you can add flavour to your water with the help of mint, lemon or cucumber.

Tip 3: Learn to count your carbs

This may sound a little fussy but learning about carbohydrates will make a great difference in understanding how different foods affect your body. In the case of diabetes, carbs have a major impact on your blood sugar levels hence, it is important to monitor it. Learn how to count carbs and adjust your insulin and other medicinal doses accordingly. 

Your focus should be on complex carbs as high in fibre and have a lower glycemic index. Simple carbs tend to create a spike in your sugar levels and are not good for your health. They should be had in moderation for good diabetes control.

Tip 4: Stay active, as much as you can

Staying active has multiple benefits like lowered blood sugar, better insulin sensitivity and weight loss. Try to at least perform 30 mins of moderate-intensity workout 3-4 times a week. Aim for aerobic exercise or resistance exercises. 

Additionally, you can also take up activities that you enjoy like walking, swimming, cycling, dancing etc and make them a part of your routine. The more active you are and exercise, the more efficiently can your body use insulin and lower your blood sugar levels. 

Tip 5: Take your meds when you should

Diabetes is a chronic condition and not something one should take lightly. Hence, when your doctor prescribes medicines to you, you should take them as directed. When you skip your dose or are inconsistent with your medications, there can be fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and it could also lead to more complications. Be communicative with your doctor, feel free to ask questions or mention your concerns and queries about diabetes control.

Tip 6: Stressing should be the last of your priorities

When you are stressed, the hormonal release that happens can disbalance your sugar levels. Stress isn’t good for anyone but it is especially harmful for a diabetic person as it can make them feel overwhelmed. You can try ways to calm yourself down or manage your stress with activities such as meditating, yoga, deep breathing etc. Reaching out to friends, family and close ones may also help.

Tip 7: Get your beauty sleep

Taking 7-9 hours of sleep daily is really important. A good quality of sleep keeps your blood sugar levels in check. Having a bedtime routine also helps, it signals your body that it’s time to sleep. Poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep can create a hormonal imbalance and ultimately make managing diabetes more difficult. Prioritise getting enough sleep to support your overall health and well-being and develop good diabetes control.

Tip 8: Keep your loved ones close

Going through something like diabetes can often make you feel like you’re alone. But remember that you’re not, you always have friends and family to support you. It’s important to surround yourself with the people who support you. They can help you navigate the challenges of diabetes control. 

Tell them how you feel, it will help get relief from stress. You can also take their help in blood glucose monitoring, medication reminders, physical activities etc.

Tip 9: know things and stay informed

Someone rightly said that knowledge is power. In the case of diabetes, it can even be a superpower. Always stay up-to-date about the developments in diabetes by attending sessions, reading books, reading online and staying connected with the community. More knowledge about what this condition is doing to your body will only help you better deal with it. 

Tip 10: Celebrate every little win

Every little win counts. Although you may still be away from your goal, it doesn’t mean you don’t recognise the small wins. After all, they’re what lead you to your goal in the first place. It could be anything, a fitness goal, blood sugar target or simply adhering to your diet. Appreciate yourself for everything that you do. Every step in the right direction is worth celebrating, no matter how small.

We hope these blood sugar control tips help you fight your diabetes journey. Remember, these are only tips that can help you get to your goal and not hacks that will magically get your goals accomplished. It is a lot of work but we believe you can do it. Never let anybody tell you otherwise. You’re tougher than you know. All the best for your diabetes control journey!

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