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08 Jul 2024

These days, there’s a lot of advice flying around about weight loss. From over-promising weight loss programs to fad diets and weight losstips. It’s easy to get baited by the attractive results that these plans are marketed with. However, wiseness lies in knowing what sources to believe. 

Unless coming from professionals like doctors, weight loss experts or nutritionists, it’s best to not pay heed to any advice. Today, we will be giving you 13 science-backed weight losstips. These are natural weight losstips and if followed dedicatedly, they can help bring results soon.

Tip 1: Limit the sweetness

Limit your sugar intake. Consuming a lot of sugar can lead to diseases, diabetes and even cancer. You will usually find this sugar in processed foods such as beverages, desserts, cookies etc. They are not natural sugar and carry a lot of calories and very less nutrients.

Keep a check on what products you consume. Also keep a habit of reading labels because oftentimes, sugar goes by different names so you may end up consuming it a lot more than you realise.

You can try opting for natural sugars instead like fruits. Ensure that your daily calorie intake has less than 10% of sugar in it. Limiting sugar intake is a good way to improve diet and helps with weight loss.

Tip 2: Only 3 words to live by – fruits and veggies and grains

Isn’t it obvious? Fruits and veggies are as nutritious as a nutritious diet can be! They also help you a great deal with weight loss. They are high fibre and low density making it possible to have greater quantities without too many calories. 

Veggies like peas, broccoli and whole grains have a lot of fibre. Fiber-rich foods are great for weight loss, especially foods with water-soluble fibre because they tend to make you feel fuller.

Tip 3: Become a pro at protein

When discussing nutrients, protein tops the list. Our bodies tend to burn calories and metabolise the protein. This means, that when you consume protein, your metabolism automatically gets boosted. 

Additionally, protein is also considered heavy, it leaves you feeling more full with lesser quantity, ultimately keeping your appetite in control.

Opting for something as simple as a high-protein breakfast like eggs can create a lot of impact.

Tip 4: Stay hydrated, always

More water means more impact. Whatever diet and exercise you follow, having more water will add to your hard work. Ditch high-calorie drinks such as soda or alcohol. Instead ask for water, unsweetened tea or black coffee. Even choosing diet drinks can help save calories compared to sugary beverages. Drinking lots of water helps with weight loss and is good for your body overall. 

Tip 5: Follow a diet that’s low on carbs

Low-carb diets work great for weight loss. It also helps avoid many risk factors for various diseases. You can try limiting your carbohydrate intake and get more fat and protein in your diet. This will lower your appetite and make you consume fewer calories. In fact, it will help with weight loss that works 3x more than a usual low-fat diet.

Tip 6: Get your beauty sleep

When you get enough of that beauty sleep, your body remains healthy. An adequate amount of sleep is essential for weight loss and also to avoid weight gain. Being deprived of sleep can disturb the usual functioning of your body and leave you with poor appetite regulation. 

Tip 7: Small plates are the trend

Get yourself a couple of small-sized plates because legend has it, they can do wonders! Using small plates to eat changes the way you look at portion sizes and prevents you from eating too much.

We tend to fill our plates in a similar pattern, not paying attention to the plate size. Hence, when using larger plates, we end up taking more food. Serving your food on a small plate reduces the amount of eating that you do while giving you the notion that you’ve eaten enough. This could be a great strategy to lose weight.

Tip 8: Make a hobby

With cardio, burning calories becomes easy and maintaining good mental and physical health also becomes possible. Try activities like walking, running, jogging, etc. These help avoid any possible heart diseases and help with weight loss. Moreover, cardio is really effective for fat reduction in your body.

Tip 9: Eat but mindfully

Be aware, even while you’re eating. Observe when your stomach begins to feel full. Just the awareness can help you get closer to losing weight. That’s basically what mindful eating is – to become more aware when eating.

Mindful eating helps control weight, eating behaviour and stress for obese people, especially when they tend to do a lot of binge eating or emotional eating.

Just remember to make conscious food choices, being more aware and listening to what your body has to say. After that, weight loss will become a visible path to follow. 

Tip 10: Keep pushing yourself

In this journey of weight loss, nobody can help you but yourself and you have to constantly keep reminding yourself that. Making diet and exercising goals is one thing but the more important thing is sticking to them.

List down the things that keep you motivated and keep going back at it every time you feel like you’re getting distracted. Although your responsibility can only be in your hands, remember to take support whenever needed. Pick support that uplifts rather than the one that shows you down. Talk to people who will empathise, listen, and spend time with you and keep pushing you to do better.

In the end, it is all in your hands but remember to regularly weigh yourself and record your diet and exercise progress. If the need is, you can also use a digital tracking tool.

There you go! Ten ways to help you with effective weight loss. We hope you know that just reading these tips won’t do it. You got to get up and get working. Keep reminding yourself why you started and keep telling yourself how it’s possible if you want it.

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