Bridging Gaps for a Healthier Tomorrow

The Beginning

Founded in 2020, TatvaCare began with TatvaPedia, a Knowledge Platform for doctors. TatvaPedia is a collection of clinical studies and the latest in medical content with a base of over 40,000 registered doctors.

Continuing our efforts in empowering healthcare professionals, we started TatvaPractice, a practice management and EMR platform for independent clinics. TatvaPractice helps doctors streamline their clinics with features like appointment management, digitized prescriptions, and virtual consultations. The platform already has 2,000+ doctors who generate upwards of 50,000 prescriptions per month. TatvaPedia is now included as part of TatvaPractice, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to both the knowledge and practice needs of our partner doctors.

MyTatva, a mobile app dedicated to chronic care – is the latest in the series of offerings from TatvaCare. The DTx-based app aims to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic conditions. Our initial care programs focus on liver and lung chronic diseases, with plans to expand to more conditions.

A True Health Continuum

In its truest essence, the term ‘Health Continuum’ represents the full spectrum of health, ranging from optimal well-being to severe illness or disability. It is a way to visualize health as a continuous and dynamic spectrum rather than a binary state of being either healthy or sick.

At TatvaCare, we visualize this health continuum by keeping the treating doctor at its core. Doing so allows us to come up with future-ready solutions for healthcare practitioners to focus on a patient’s long-term well-being.

At our core, we aim to provide complete visibility to doctors about the patient’s well-being and their adherence to prescribed lifestyle modifications between visits. This helps them make holistically informed decisions regarding patient care.

Core Team

Mr. Manoj Balaji,
Mr. Manoj Balaji, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Javed Khan,
Mr. Javed Khan, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Abhishek Verma,
Mr. Abhishek Verma, Head of Business
Mr. Russell Mascarenhas,
Mr. Russell Mascarenhas, Head of Marketing

Our Directors

Mr. Madhav Kulkarni,
Mr. Madhav Kulkarni, Director
Mr. Manubhai Patel,
Mr. Manubhai Patel, Director

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