Transforming Care Practices.
Delivering Positive Health Outcomes.

TatvaCare empowers healthcare professionals and individuals with chronic conditions by establishing a true health continuum.

Enabling a Health Continuum

The world is making great strides in science and healthcare, and it is the need of the hour to build solutions that are future-proof. TatvaCare is an ecosystem of solutions that places healthcare practitioners at its core and strives towards a singular goal – delivering positive health outcomes for all.

We strive towards achieving a long-term health continuum, by improving the quality of care on one end and enhancing the quality of life on the other.

How We Are Enabling Positive Health Outcomes

Helping healthcare practitioners digitise their practice with TatvaPractice, an ABDM-certified platform

Providing patients with personalised care plans delivered with MyTatva – a DTx application

Giving healthcare professionals access to latest clinical researches, as well as practice-related and therapy-specific content with TatvaPedia

Improving quality of life for patients with chronic conditions

Our Products

Empowering Efficient Care

TatvaPractice is a highly customisable digital solution that empowers healthcare practitioners across specialties to digitise their practice. An ABDM-certified platform that provides analytical insights crucial to your specialty.

From prescriptions to case histories, lab reports and even past recommendations, healthcare professionals can now access all the information you need in minutes to provide better care for your patients.

Secure, Specialised, and Smart. Experience Seamless Management with TatvaPractice.

ABDM Certifed

TatvaPractice is an ABDM-certified EMR platform that is supporting the vision of an integrated digital health infrastructure in the country.

Built for All Specialties

TatvaPractice is a modular solution that can be easily customised to suit the specific use cases of your specialty.

Data Security

State-of-the-art encryption, up-to-date with certifications such as 256 AES encryption, ensure that your practice and patient data is always safe and can only be accessed by you.

One-click Consultations

Our one-click consultation feature enables healthcare practitioners to spend more face time with their patients.

Comprehensive Clinic Analytics

Our platform offers you data-driven analytics and insights about your practice that help healthcare professionals make informed choices.

Going Beyond Pills, Making Life Better.

MyTatva is a digital therapeutics (DTx) based app that supports adherence to lifestyle modifications recommended by doctors for managing chronic conditions. With the help of personalised Care Plans, qualified health coaches, intelligent nudges, and condition-specific device monitoring, it empowers chronic patients to improve their quality of life.

We are Committed to Enhancing Quality of Life for Chronic Patients.


By keeping the treating doctor at its core, MyTatva integrates into your lifestyle with its intelligent and intuitive app to help manage chronic conditions.


MyTatva app offers timely nudges, follow-ups and 24/7 care to its patients to help them adhere to prescribed lifestyle changes.

Expert Care

The personalised care plans, which are based on established scientific protocols, are designed by qualified experts to manage your specific condition and suit your personal needs.


We hand over the reins of your care to you but empower you with specially curated content, so you understand the nuances of managing your condition.

Beyond Pills

The Care Plans in the MyTatva app are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT), which helps you make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

We are TatvaCare.

We are committed to enabling Healthcare Practitioners and empowering chronic patients with the ability to enhance their quality of life.